Xlib Programming Manual


Volume One: Xlib Programming Manual

for Version 11 of the X Window System

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Table of Contents

Preface About This Manual Summary of Contents How to Use This Manual Getting the Example Programs Compiling the Example Programs Assumptions Related Documents Requests for Comments Bulk Sales Information Acknowledgements

1.  Introduction Versions of X X Window System Concepts X Window System Software Architecture Overview of Xlib

2.  X Concepts How Xlib Works What are X Windows? Introduction to X Graphics More on Window Characteristics Introduction to Events How to Program with Xlib

3.  Basic Window Program Running the Program The Main of basicwin

4.  Window Attributes Setting Window Attributes The Window Attribute Structures Settable Attributes Information from the XWindowAttributes Structure

5.  The Graphics Context Creating and Setting a Graphics Context Switching Between Graphics Contexts Controlling Pixel Selection Controlling Coloring and Patterning Controlling Graphics Tricks Graphics Exposure Subwindow Mode Sharing GCs Between Clients GCs and Server Efficiency Querying the Graphics Context The Default GC Versus Default Values of a GC

6.  Drawing Graphics and Text Drawing Fonts and Text Regions Images Cursors

7.  Color Basic Color Terms and Concepts Color Naming and Specification Differences in Display Hardware Allocating Shared Colors Allocating Private Colors Getting Complete Visual Information The GrayScale Visual Standard Colormaps Device-independent Color and Xcms Creating and Installing Colormaps Miscellaneous Color-handling Functions

8.  Events Overview of Event Handling Event Processing Selecting Events Sending Events Where to Find More on Each Event

9.  The Keyboard and Pointer The Keyboard The Pointer Border Crossing and Keyboard Focus Change Events Grabbing the Keyboard and Pointer Keyboard Preferences Pointer Preferences X Input Extension

10.  Internationalization An Overview of Internationalization Locale Management in X Internationalized Text Output in X String Encoding Changes for Internationalization Internationalized Interclient Communication Localization of Resource Databases Summary: Writing an Internationalized Application

11.  Internationalized Text Input Issues of Internationalized Text Input Overview of the X Input Method Architecture XIM Programming Interface XIM Functions XIC Functions Input Context Attributes Negotiating Preedit and Status Area Geometries Geometry, Preedit, and Status Callbacks Filtering Events Getting Composed Text XIM Programming Checklist

12.  Interclient Communication Properties and Atoms The Compound Text Encoding Communicating with the Window Manager Selections Cut Buffers

13.  Managing User Preferences Using XGetDefault() Using the Low-level Resource Manager Routines Standard Geometry Resource Specification and Matching Other Resource Manager Routines

14.  A Complete Application Description of basecalc Include Files The Main of basecalc Getting User Preferences Printing a Usage Message Initializing the Calculator Making Windows Selecting Events Processing Events Drawing a Pad Routines Not Shown

15.  Other Programming Techniques Reading and Writing Properties Screen Saver Host Access and Security Getting the Window Hierarchy Close Down Mode Connection Close Operations Data Management The After Function Coordinate Transformation ANSI-C and POSIX Portability Porting Programs to X Programming for Multiple X Releases Using Extensions to X

16.  Window Management Layout Policy Substructure Redirection Reparenting Window Save-set Window Manager - Client Communications Window Management Functions A Basic Window Manager

A.  Specifying Fonts Font Specification Font Service Scalable Fonts

B.  X10 Compatibility XDraw and XDrawFilled() Association Tables

C.  Writing Extensions to X Basic Protocol Support Routines Hooking into Xlib GC Caching Graphics Batching Writing Extension Stubs

D.  The basecalc Application

E.  Event Reference Meaning of Common Structure Elements

F.  The Xmu Library Atom Functions Error Handler Functions System Utility Functions Window Utility Functions Cursor Utility Functions Color Utilities Pixmap Utilities Graphics Functions Selection Functions Character Set Functions Compound Text Functions CloseDisplay Hook Functions Display Queue Functions Standard Colormap Functions

G.  Sources of Additional Information Getting the X Software Netnews Training, Consulting, and Support The X Consortium Finding Out for Yourself

H.  Release Notes Changes from Release 4 to Release 5 Miscellaneous Xlib Changes Changes from Release 3 to Release 4


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